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Lincoln Heights is always getting better

Living in Lincoln Heights

Living in Lincoln Heights

Lincoln Heights is a small neighborhood four miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

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You’re sure to find what you like shopping for food in neighborhood shops across Lincoln Heights.

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Lawmakers have passed legislation expanding benefits for workers. On top of any state benefits, the federal government will pay unemployment insurance equal to one’s full salary for up to four weeks. And millions of Americans are expected to receive government checks for $1,200 or more through a massive stimulus package.

With schools closed and streets cleared, many Californians — like much of the country — saw their employment suddenly come into question this week as fears of COVID-19 spread.

As stores, theaters, public offices and bars shutter, for some, it’s meant working from home. For others, it’s meant reduced hours or possibly even layoffs.

That can mean missing bills or not being able to pay rent at the end of the month, particularly in an economic climate and region where many work paycheck-to-paycheck. Housing costs in California remain among the highest in the U.S. — the Los Angeles area and broader Southern California region being no exceptions.

The uncertainty surrounding jobs led to Gov. Gavin Newsom signing an executive order Monday to give local governments the ability to halt evictions or prevent power shutoffs.

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Latest from team LHBALA :

It is an honor to be working in Lincoln Heights representing with LHBALA. Looking forward to a great year!

Michael Banner ~Treasurer
Michael Banner

Being apart of LHBALA and transforming this city has become a great passion of mine.

Steve Kasten ~ President
Steve Kasten

A truly wonderful program is being developed for Lincoln Heights and it's exciting to be apart of.

Chris Maese ~ Board Member
Chris Maese