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61 Latino-owned small businesses in L.A. to celebrate all year round

Lincoln Heights LA
61 Latino-owned small businesses in L.A. to celebrate all year round

L.A. is weighing vaccination requirements.

covid requirements
On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that proof of vaccination would be required to visit restaurants, gyms and live shows. On Wednesday, Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez and Council Member Mitch O’Farrell introduced a motion that, if passed, could result in similar restrictions in an effort to curb the resurgence of COVID-19 across Los Angeles.
But a number of L.A.-area restaurants, bars and music venues are already implementing their own COVID-19 restrictions, such as checking proof of vaccination; requiring negative results of a recent COVID-19 test; and halting on-site dining until case rates fall.
Here are 20 restaurants, bars and venues already requiring proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results in order for guests to enter the premises.
Lincoln Heights Aid monument
LINCOLN HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The Wall Las Memorias is a monument in Lincoln Park that honors lives lost to AIDS. It was erected more than 25 years ago and was the first monument of its kind in the country.
But it’s not just a memorial. The wall was designed to change the stigma of AIDS, especially in the Latino community.
“The monument is a place for where we get to walk a journey of recalling the impact that AIDS has had in our community. But more importantly, the aids monument has been a tool for us to empower ourselves to deal with issues that we don’t usually feel comfortable dealing with,” said Richard Zaldivar, founder and executive director of the Wall Las Memorias Project organization.
It wasn’t an easy journey for Zaldivar. He received backlash, but he didn’t give up. The initial idea of creating the monument was because of a friend.

City of L.A shutting down Ave 26th

Lincoln Heights City Closure
With no formal governing body or logistical structures in place, vendors would compete for street space while customers often parked illegally throughout the area. Some locals complained about a lack of trash cans for the dozens of vendors and thousands of customers, and others fought to have the street itself closed to dangerous vehicle traffic in the narrow alleyway.
Eater reached out to councilmember Gil Cedillo to discuss the sudden closure, which comes just days after an LA Times column calling for the temporary suspension of the unregulated market. In a statement sent after Eater’s story went live, Cedillo’s office said:
We support the economic opportunity that night markets provide to vendors and the culinary experiences it provides to consumers. However, it is unacceptable the way this site has negatively impacted the quality of life of Lincoln Heights residents and businesses. The illegal activity taking place at the Ave 26/Artesian Night Market is unacceptable. Our duty is to maintain clean, safe and secure neighborhoods.
The statement was sent with a full press release that claims “public urination and defecation” and “crime and violence” had become a part of the night market scene, and that the councilmember’s office worked with various city agencies to fully close the market. There is no timetable for its return.

$2 Million in LAPD Funds shifted for new field

Lincoln Heights funds field
licoln heights funds field
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California Relief Grant Lincoln Heights

Small Business Analytics and reviews

Black-owned businesses and communities of color have historically faced, and continue to face, exclusion and disinvestment from many traditional financial institutions. However, other types organizations have stepped in to provide financial resources to those who have historically lacked access.

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) are private financial institutions with a mission of providing affordable lending to help disadvantaged communities join the economic mainstream. CDFIs provide lending to a number of sectors including small business owners, nonprofits, commercial real estate developers and affordable housing developers. According to the Opportunity Finance Network and the U.S. Treasury Department, there are over 1,100 CDFIs operating in all 50 states, including 98 in the state of California and 23 in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles Local Development Company (LDC) is a CDFI founded in 1980 to serve Los Angeles neighborhoods that suffered from redlining and other forms of disinvestment. Their clients include businesses and organizations in Leimert Park, View Park-Windsor Hills, Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw and West Adams, and many other neighborhoods. Since 1995 they have facilitated over $400 million of financing with borrowers operating in historically low income and disinvested communities throughout California, with a primary focus in Los Angeles.

Since the start of the pandemic, Los Angeles LDC has been working to identify strategies that bring greater innovation and access to a variety of capital and advisory services for Black and Latinx-owned businesses in the Los Angeles area. It has a successful track record in raising and deploying capital from regulated financial institutions in a private equity structure, with a $10 million portfolio of loans where 85% of the borrowers were people of color.

Lincoln Heights Spotlight

USC Civic Engagement

The Lincoln Heights BID features Rocio Flores MPA ~ Program Administrator for Civic Engagement & Economic Partnerships, we discuss new opportunities for Los Angeles and ongoing support for Small Businesses.

Lincoln Heights Spotlight of Education

This interview focuses on the challenges the Students face in 2020, and maintaining the relationships with their classwork, social life & next steps.
211 S Ave 20, Los Angeles, CA 90031

USC launches new Scholarship Program

Lincoln Heights Spotlight on Business

737 Lamar Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Lincoln Heights Spotlight on Education

This interview focuses on the challenges perspectives the Teachers and Staff face in 2020, and maintaining the relationships with their students.
211 S Ave 20, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Rebuilding Vision For Lincoln Heights

The Lincoln Star Magazine

Lincoln Star Lincoln Heights

Need some fun? Here’s a list of over 17 cool things to do right now!

Fun things to do in LA

Business Spotlight of The Month

Clean Energy on the Rise in California!

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Lincoln Heights blog

Staying active with Summer Reading.

Gayle Anderson was live in Los Feliz to explain that during the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis with schools closed, the Los Angeles Public Library wants all of us to “Get in the Game” this Summer by reading every day! Young people can earn a badge for every six days of reading and work toward their personal best. They can raise their game by exploring the library’s vast resources now through August 31st.

This challenge encourages us to read books, graphic novels, magazines, e-books – all reading counts!

High Speed Rail new released info

Business Spotlight of The Month

Businesses in Lincoln Heights will be awarded new loan opportunities

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